All-TCC Softball, 2015

Megan Nelson 12 Clinton
Lindy Mynhier 12 Morenci
Madison Weber 9 Madison
Kaleigh Funchion 12 Whiteford
Caitlyn Schuler 11 Clinton
Lindsey Morgan 11 Sand Creek
Ysabela Soto 10 Madison
Morgan Tanis 12 Britton Deerfield
Sarah Turner 11 Clinton
Erin Manley 10 Summerfield
McKenzie Hilton 12 Morenci
Infinity Rogers 11 Sand Creek
Victoria VanBrandt 10 Whiteford
Kenna Garst 9 Summerfield
Allison VanBrandt 11 Morenci
Janie Bunge 12 Whiteford
Hayley Turk 11 Clinton
Rachel Fogarty 11 Madison
Alison Manley 12 Summerfield
Amelia Schroeder 11 Whitmore Lake
Katie Reau 12 Britton Deerfield
Jordan Pizzo 12 Clinton
Kendall Hudson 11 Madison
Allison VanBrandt 11 Morenci
Destiny Rogers 11 Sand Creek
Juilia Ortrosky 12 Summerfield
Jessica Toda 12 Whiteford
Kennedy Pasciak 12 Whitmore Lake

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