TCC’s player of the week

Here Player of the Week candidates.
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The TCC football Player of the Week will be announced at 10 a.m. Tuesday.
Josh Van Kainen: Touched the ball six times for Summerfield, but scored three touchdowns and accounted for 101 yards as the Bulldogs opened with a 49-22 win over Erie Mason.
Thomas Eitniear: In his first varsity start, Eitniear completed all three of his passes for 142 yards and two touchdowns. He also scored a touchdown and set up a score with an interception.
Connor Mellon: Madison won its opener as Mellon ran for 130 yards and passed for 147. He had two TD passes and scored on an 84 yard run.
Mathew Sexton ran for 120 yards and caught a TD pass for Clinton, who beat Manchester 20-19. On defense, he rang up nine tackles.
Alex Thomas: Scored three touchdowns in Morenci’s 44-6 win over Pittsford.



  1. My vote is for Thomas Eitniear. He is only a sophomore and in his first varsity game was able to complete 100% of his passes, 2 of which were for touchdowns and scored another! Great way to start a varsity career!

  2. Thomas Eitniear without a doubt!! Terrible his name wasn’t highlighted. He deserves to win but not being able to see his name isn’t in his favor!!

  3. Thomas Eitnier for player of the week! Amazing stats for first game of his varsity career. Way to lead your Team!!!

  4. Thomas Eitniear. I couldn’t believe this kids athleticism! When I heard that was his first Varsity game as Quarterback as a sophomore I was blown away. The kid had poise, speed, and appeared to have confidence. Hard not to enjoy watching that kid!!

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