McNitt up to 2nd on TCC football champ list

mcnitt title

CLINTON — The Clinton Redskins have clinched no worse than a share of the TCC championship. The fourth straight TCC title by the Redskins gives coach Scott McNitt six all-time TCC football titles – putting him second on the list of league coaches with football titles.

Sand Creek’s Ernie Ayers leads the list with 14. McNitt now has six.

Here’s the list of TCC coaches with TCC championships:

Coaches titles

Ernie Ayers (SC)                        14

Scott McNitt (Clinton)               6

LeRoy Wood (Sum)                    5

Randy Salisbury (Bri)                  4

Pete DeWitt (BD)                       3

Bill Proctor (AA)                         2

Harold Hall (Mor)                        2

Jim Gilmore (Mor)                      2

Bill Kohn (Mor)                           2

Dan Hoffman (Mor)                    2

Dave McCartney (AA)                 1

Ken Marzka (Dee)                      1

Rick Seneca (Dee)                     1

Mike McDowell (Mor)                  1

Ken Wilson (SC)                        1

Joe Palka (Sum)                        1

Jack Luettke (Whs)                    1

Ed Schindler (WL)                      1

Phil Davidson (WL)                     1

Erik Johnson (Sum)                    1


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