Whiteford vs. Climax-Scotts: 5 things to watch

5 things to watch in the Whiteford vs. Climax-Scotts Regional final Saturday at 1 p.m.

  1. Get there early. The crowds at Climax-Scotts are said to be huge week after week. The first playoff game a few weeks ago drew about 1,500. Bobcat fans should arrive in plenty of time if they want a seat in the bleachers.
  2. Quick game? All signs are pointing to what could be a quick game. The Panthers don’t like to pass, throwing only 12 all season. The Bobcats have thrown the ball 70 times, but rely heavily on its ground attack that features QB Thomas Eitniear and RBs Jesse Kiefer, Josh Beck, Cody Kiefer and Preston Schrier.
  3. Who can play mistake-free? Stats show that Climax-Scotts has 16 interceptions and 13 fumble recoveries this season for 29 takeaways. Defensive back Zach Harris leads the Panthers with 4 picks while Todd Myers has 3. The Bobcats are forced far fewer turnovers, with 9 interceptions and 8 fumble recoveries for a total of 17. The team who forces the most turnovers could be in a good position to steal a possession.
  4. Ah, yes, a game of possessions. Both teams like tough, grind-it-out, 10- to 12-play driver that eat up big chunks of clock and result in touchdowns. C-S has scored 25 touchdowns from 10 yards or less, Whiteford 31.
  5. A first. The Bobcats have never won a Regional, never won 10 games in any one season and never advanced to the state semifinals. It’s also closing in on, statistically, its greatest offensive season in school history. C-S, meanwhile, has achieved those things, but never with the current group of players. Which team stays poised, handles the big crowd and plays its best football of the season will be moving on.

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