Final TCC girls basketball 3-point leaders

Here are the final TCC 2015-16 girls basketball 3-point leaders – counting league games only:

Kaylee Benge SC 34
Brielle Sartwell SC 30
Caitlyn Dusseau BD 22
Kendall Hudson Mad 20
Hayley Turk Cln 19
Mady Schmitz Mor 17
Daelyn Merillat Mor 14
Lindsey Morgan SC 14
McKenna Schaffer Mor 12
Sydney Amsdill Cln 8
Madison Phenicie SC 7
Emma LaRocca Sum 6
Jolie Langmeyer BD 5
Alexia Rolland Cln 5
Kayla Russell Sum 5
Erin Manley Whs 4
Makayla Thompson Cln 4
Abbey Meinert BD 4
Baylee Baldwin Whs 4
Cassie Germain WL 4
Madison Bachman Mor 4
Rachel Isom Mad 4
Ashleigh Donahey Cln 3
Megan Bower BD 3
Katelyn Kuebler Whs 3
Nicole Olden Mad 2
Mallory Siefert Sum 2
Maria Kovach Cln 2
Courtney Benschoter Mad 1
Infinity Rogers SC 1
Kate Keller Sum 1
Lauren Connelly WL 1



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