Whitmore Lake adding wrestling; league sport next?

Another TCC school is adding wrestling to its list of sports.

Whitmore Lake announced Monday that it was adding wrestling and is currently searching for a wrestling coach to lead the program.

That brings the total of TCC schools with wrestling to five – including Clinton, Madison, Morenci and Sand Creek.

Clinton Athletic Director Casey Randolph said the league officials will look into the possibility of making wrestling a league sport now now that Morenci, Summerfield and Whitmore Lake are planning to have limited, or JV, programs.

Wrestling has never been a sanctioned sport in the TCC, although several teams and individuals have had huge success on the mat.

Madison was a state power when the league began, winning several state championships and having 22 individual state champions between 1974 and 1982. Morenci was runner-up in the 1981 Class D state wrestling tournament and won the state title in 1982 and 1983. Whiteford and Whitmore Lake both have had individual state champs while Clinton has long had a wrestling program and joined the TCC in 2007.


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