Schankin delivers big game for Summerfield

Summerfield’s Trent Schankin, photo courtesy of David Schankin

Trent Schankin had one of the biggest passing games in TCC history Friday night – and he did it all in the second half.

Schankin (pictured above) suffered a shoulder injury in Week 7 against Madison. He dressed but did not start at QB for the Bulldogs Friday against Sand Creek. But, when he entered the game, he was dynamite, completing 15 passes for 343 yards and nearly bringing the Bulldogs back from a big deficit against 8-1 Sand Creek.

Schankin’s 343 passing yards ranks as the third-biggest passing game by a QB in TCC history. The other two were also Summerfield quarterbacks – Mike Hewitt and Tyler Glass. Here’s a look at the six biggest passing yardage totals in TCC games in league history:

Passing yards
414 Mike Hewitt (Sum), 10-16-09, vs. BD
402 Tyler Glass (Sum), 10-20-06, vs. Whiteford
343 Trent Schankin (Sum), (15-25) 10-21-16, vs. SC
310 Chase St. Charles (WL), 9-18-09, vs. Morenci
297 Josh Pizana (BD), 14-27, 9-26-03, vs. SC
280 Chad Edison (Mor), 15 comp, 10-28-88


  1. Summerfield vs Erie Mason August 2014. First game of the season QB, Zach Philipp came within 20 yards of breaking the record for most passing yards in a Monroe County game, passing for over 400 yards.

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