2017 All-TCC Baseball

First Team Position Grade School
Blaker Vershum Catcher 12 Whitmore Lake
Dylan Roddy Catcher 12 Sand Creek
Daniel Tomalak Infield 12 Clinton
Ryan Kadoguchi Infield 12 Whitmore Lake
Griffin Reynard Infield 10 Sand Creek
Thomas Eitniear Infield 11 Whiteford
Aaron Dubbs Infield 12 Madison
Jacob Griewahn Outfield 12 Madison
Ty Eitniear Outfield 10 Whiteford
Rhett Holubik Outfield 12 Britton-Deerfield
Cal Olmstead Outfield 12 Summerfield
Clark Nelson DH 12 Clinton
Andrew Toda Pitcher 12 Whiteford
Kyle Staelgraeve Pitcher 12 Clinton
Nolan Adams Pitcher 11 Whiteford
Mark Keller Pitcher 10 Summerfield
Derek Clark Pitcher 9 Summerfield
Honorable Mention
Jacobs Catcher 12 Clinton
Brendan Muck Infield 11 Madison
Noah Solis Catcher 11 Madison
Harley McCaskey Catcher 11 Morenci
Travis Carson Infield 11 Sand Creek
Brady Kaufman Pitcher 11 Sand Creek
Parker Randall Outfield 12 Sand Creek
Jon Gibson Infield 12 Whiteford
Ryan Kadoguchi Pitcher 12 Whitmore Lake
Gary Brooks 11 Britton-Deerfield
Jay Estes 11 Clinton
Joshua Counts 12 Madison
Chase VanBrandt 11 Morenci
Brandon Meyer 12 Sand Creek
Ryan Seegert 12 Summerfield
Corbin Willis 11 Whiteford
Josh Fuller 11 Whitmore Lake


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