2017 All-TCC Softball

First Team Grade School
Lindsey Walker 10 Whiteford
Laura Teunion-Smith 10 Madison
Daelyn Merillat 10 Morenci
Alyssa Granata 12 Whiteford
Lindsey Branscum 12 Clinton
Rilee Szczesniak 10 Clinton
Erin Manley 12 Whiteford
Mikayla Price 12 Morenci
Ysabela Soto 12 Madison
Autumn Rose 11 Summerfield
Rachel Isom 11 Madison
Karsyn Berns-Moore 10 Whiteford
Jozie Scott 11 Britton-Deerfield
Kayla Russell 12 Summerfield
Mackenzie Amsdill 11 Clinton
Mady Schmitz 11 Morenci
Honorable Mention Grade School
Olivia Warner 10 Britton-Deerfield
Madison Weber 11 Madison
Vernae Hillard 10 Sand Creek
Amy Mayo 10 Whitmore Lake
Kylie Wilson 10 Whitmore Lake
Sportsmanship Grade School
Blake Southward 12 Britton-Deerfield
Taylor Rothman 10 Clinton
Justine Gauna 10 Madison
Destini Kruse 11 Morenci
Hannah Robinson 12 Sand Creek
Bre Roberts 10 Summerfield
Victoria Vanbrandt 12 Whiteford
Kiara Johnson 10 Whitmore Lake


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