Whiteford, Clinton seek to clinch outright baseball and softball titles next week

Whiteford and Clinton have clinched a share of the TCC baseball and softball league championships and can claim outright titles next week.

Summerfield remains in the hunt for at least a share of the TCC baseball title. The Bulldogs will host Madison for a doubleheader on Tuesday, May 29.

Also that day, Whiteford – undefeated in the TCC – is scheduled to finish its game against Sand Creek that began back on April 18. The Bobcats lead 5-0 with a runner on base in the top of the fifth inning. If the Bobcats close that game out with a win, they will win the outright TCC title for a fourth consecutive season.

Whiteford 12 0
Summerfield 11 2
Sand Creek 7 6
Madison 7 5
Clinton 7 6
Whitmore Lake 5 7
BD 2 12
Morenci 0 13


In TCC softball, Clinton has clinched at least a share of the league title. They have a doubleheader scheduled with Britton Deerfield on May 30.

Clinton 11 1
Whiteford 11 3
Madison 10 3
Morenci 6 7
Summerfield 5 7
Whitmore Lake 4 10
Sand Creek 4 10
BD 1 11




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