2018 TCC football schedules

The 2018 season will be the 46th season of football in the Tri-County Conference. Here are the schedules:

Aug 24 A Lenawee Christian
Aug 30 A Erie Mason
Sept 7 A Madison
Sept 14 H Summerfield
Sept 21 A Morenci
Sept 28 H Sand Creek
Oct 5 H Clinton
Oct 12 A Whitmore Lake
Oct 19 H Whiteford
Aug 24 H Manchester
Aug 30 A Blissfield
Sept 7 A Whitmore Lake
Sept 14 H Morenci
Sept 21 A Sand Creek
Sept 28 H Summerfield
Oct 5 A Britton Deerfield
Oct 12 A Whiteford
Oct 19 H Madison
Aug 24 H East Jackson
Aug 30 A Onsted
Sept 7 H Britton Deerfield
Sept 14 A Sand Creek
Sept 21 H Whiteford
Sept 28 A Whitmore Lake
Oct 5 A Summerfield
Oct 12 H Morenci
Oct 19 A Clinton
Aug 24 A Pittsford
Aug 30 H Hudson
Sept 8 H Sand Creek (1 p.m.)
Sept 14 A Clinton
Sept 21 H Britton Deerfield
Sept 28 A Whiteford
Oct 5 H Whitmore Lake
Oct 12 A Madison
Oct 19 H Summerfield
Aug 24 A Reading
Aug 30 H Climax-Scotts
Sept 8 A Morenci (1 p.m.)
Sept 14 H Madison
Sept 21 H Clinton
Sept 28 A Britton Deerfield
Oct 5 H Whiteford
Oct 12 A Summerfield
Oct 19 H Whitmore Lake
Aug 24 H Erie Mason
Aug 30 H Pittsford
Sept 7 H Whiteford
Sept 14 A Britton Deerfield
Sept 21 H Whitmore Lake
Sept 28 A Clinton
Oct 5 H Madison
Oct 12 H Sand Creek
Oct 19 A Morenci
Aug 24 H Blissfield
Aug 30 H Stryker, Ohio
Sept 7 A Summerfield
Sept 14 H Whitmore Lake
Sept 21 A Madison
Sept 28 H Morenci
Oct 5 A Sand Creek
Oct 12 H Clinton
Oct 19 A Britton Deerfield
Aug 24 H Royal Oak Shrine Catholic
Aug 30 H Dearborn Heights Star International
Sept 7 H Clinton
Sept 14 A Whiteford
Sept 21 A Summerfield
Sept 28 H Madison
Oct 5 A Morenci
Oct 12 H Britton Deerfield
Oct 19 A Sand Creek



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