About Doug Donnelly

Doug Donnelly has been researching and writing about the Tri-County Conference since the mid-1980s and compiling league records for almost as long. What started as trying to find out who was the all-time leading scorer in TCC boys basketball history has led to a complete league record book in every sport, recognized by coaches, players and school officials as the No. 1 source for TCC sports.

The TCC consists of eight league schools: Britton-Deerfield; Clinton; Madison; Morenci; Sand Creek; Summerfield; Whiteford and Whitmore Lake.

This is the same blog that was formerly housed at http://www.blogsmonroe.com/tcc. That site is no longer active. Thanks to all my readers and followers over the years. Bookmark tricountyconference.wordpress.com for all your future TCC information.

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  1. Will you have girls and boys BB scoring leaders updated soon? Waiting for end of league play maybe…

  2. Hi Doug, Just wondering if you have info on total tackles reported on #33, Broc Roberts, from Summerfield?

  3. I read the 1,000-yard club list. In 1989, it should read Jonnie Tompkins versus Lonnie Tompkins. Can you please correct ? Twin brothers but one excelled in football and the other in basketball. Thank you!

  4. Will you be covering the results of the boys and girls from the TCC who are participating in the Michigan State Finals for High School Power Lifting this weekend at Montrose High school?

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